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What’s next for recovery?

Our national engagement gathered your views on a vision and strategy for mental health recovery in Scotland.

Engagement participants said progress has been made changing attitudes to mental health recovery. They gave many examples of recovery focused approaches that need support.

However, people who took part in the engagement feel that recovery is not universal or embedded in mental health services. Recovery focused approaches are patchy. There is a lot to do if recovery is to become a day-to-day part of our mental health system.

The engagement has resulted in a strong vision for a Scotland that supports mental health recovery. You said you want a mental health system that:

  • Takes a whole person approach
  • Genuinely values lived experience by integrating it into all parts of the system
  • Embeds peer support approaches and roles in mental health support
  • Is easy to access and navigate
  • Offers more community-based supports and choices
  • Tackles inequalities and contributes to a fair society

What needs to happen?

Working towards this vision will require us to focus on a range of actions:

  • Champion the value of lived experience and peer support in all parts of the mental health system
  • Joining up the different parts of the mental health system
  • Learn from the good practice already happening in Scotland and further afield
  • Influence decision-makers and ensure visible support for recovery

What’s next for recovery?

Full, summary and BSL versions of the report.

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What next?

We will share these findings with the Scottish Government, those who participated in the engagement and promoted through our networks. Working with the government and others we will agree on a refreshed vision and strategy for recovery in Scotland. In line with the recommendations, Scottish Recovery Network will develop a strategic plan for the organisation. The strategic plan will outline how we will support people, organisations and services to achieve this vision.