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The peer recovery hub is a place to find out about chances to connect and collaborate. A place to share learning, test out ideas and access free resources. Let’s support each other to develop peer approaches, groups and roles. Working together let’s champion the importance of having peer support embedded in our mental health system.

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Let’s do Peer Group Facilitation

As a general rule, peer support involves mutual support. It happens when people with similar life experiences offer each other help as they move through challenging or difficult experiences.

Let’s do Peer Group Facilitation is a set of free resources to help you to run peer support groups. It includes four FREE guides:

  1. What is my role as a peer facilitator?
  2. What does a healthy peer support group look like?
  3. Boundaries and why they are important?
  4. Support for peer facilitators

It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for; puts the practice of peer group work into a simple, easy-to-follow guide. I’m recommending it right, left & centre to other people…


Order free guides!

These practical and adaptable guides have been co-designed with people already delivering their own peer support groups.


Let’s do the Peer2Peer course

The Peer2Peer training manual comes with a handy guide that provide hints and tips. It features example approaches for people who want to run the course in their own way.

This wasn’t just training, it was immersive. We laughed, cried, and learned together as seventeen ‘experts by experience’, and it confirmed that because of, not in spite of our mental health problems, we are capable of so much.

Emily, Peer2Peer course participant.

Run Peer2Peer

Lot’s of free resources for people who want to run their own Peer2Peer course.

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Want to to run the Peer2Peer course online?

No problem! We ran a pilot project with 15 participants to take Peer2Peer into an online space. To share the learning we have developed a Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook

In this podcast we asked some of the people involved to tell us about their experiences of taking part.

Peer Chat podcast series

The Peer Chat podcast brings you insights from people using their lived experience to support others and develop peer support approaches. Our guest for episode 4 is Vikki Price, Co-founder of Peer Hub

Vikki discusses some of the key considerations when developing peer roles with our Network Manager, Mark Soanes.

  • Peer support groups with Rai Waddingham – Episode 1
  • Peer support as a social movement with Lisa Archibald – Episode 2
  • An international perspective with Callum Ross – Episode 3

Peer support in a digital world

Meaningful connections

The Meaningful connections research is based on the views and experiences of 170 different peer support services and 110 participants from across the country. Exploring how peer support in Scotland adapted to a digital world during Covid-19 restrictions, it outlines what we can learn from this.

Meaningful connections

Read the report or watch the BSL film version.

Click for the report

Empowering and compassionate online spaces

People came together across two online Meaningful connections events to explore the themes from the report. They shared their experiences of creating safe, compassionate and empowering spaces online. This informed the creation of the Empowering connections guide to running peer support groups online.

It is an online version but in many ways a new service, not something we’ve done before. We were learning so much all the time. Having to plan and risk assess very quickly, you just have to do it and not get caught up in feeling anxious about it. We were basically re-learning how to do our jobs and we hadn’t planned for that

Peer support provider, Meaningful connections report, 2020

Empowering connections

This guide provides tips for running peer support groups online.

Download the guide