#YOUCHOOSE4: Moray funding for community projects

27th August 2019

The next round of applications for Participatory Budgeting in Moray through #YOUCHOOSE4 is now open.

Participatory Budgeting is a way for people affected by decisions to make decisions on public funds!

SRN is delighted to once again support #YOUCHOOSE4 which is Participatory Budgeting that uses the CHIME framework (Connectedness, Hope and Optimism, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment).

Applications should relate to the following two themes:

  • Be Healthy: this theme will address Scotland’s 6 National Public Health Priorities
  • Connecting Communities through CHIME: this theme will refocus recovery in communities across Moray through strength-based Participatory Budgeting

Find out how to apply by contacting tsi Moray