Who we are

Our vision

A Scotland where mental health recovery is real for everyone in every community.

People and their experiences are at the heart of everything the Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) do. Everyone has mental health. We believe that together we can make recovery real for everyone in every community.

Our strategic aims

  1. To work with others to support communities and the people within them to achieve their recovery potential
  2. To place lived experience at the centre of health and social policy in Scotland
  3. To support and share recovery learning and approaches:
  • Sharing evidence from robust research
  • Raising awareness of and supporting best practice happening at a local, national and international level
  • Encouraging and facilitating conversations about recovery

Find out more about SRN’s Strategic Overview

Our values and recovery

Our vision and strategic aims are underpinned by our organisational values which are informed by recovery principles:

  • Hope: recovery is a process of building and reinforcing hope
  • Compassion: we are all survivors of life and recovery begins with compassion
  • Courage: to stand up for recovery principles and to hear and learn from those who disagree with us

Recovery can be very personal and mean different things to different people. To bridge the gap between the general (what applies to everyone) and the personal (your experience) we underpin our work with the CHIME framework.

CHIME is not a definition, nor is it a set of instructions for recovery. It is a description of five things that evidence has shown can help recovery. The CHIME framework supports SRN’s strategic intentions in the following ways.

Image of CHIME framework

Funding and governance

SRN is core funded by The Scottish Government. Additional income is provided by other donors, such as the European Commission and the ALLIANCE Self Management IMPACT Fund.

penumbra_logoSRN is hosted by Penumbra which is a charity (SC 010387) and a company limited by guarantee (SC 091542) registered in Scotland. We therefore comply with Penumbra’s policies and procedures and financial management systems and staff are subject to their terms and conditions.