Want to be involved in the Living e-Motions project?

30th July 2020

We are looking for organisations in Scotland to get involved in a new project exploring a storyliving approach to mental health recovery.

Scottish Recovery Network are delighted to be partners in a European project that is developing a new training resource called Living e-Motions.

This project emerged from the relationships we developed whilst developing the popular Peer2Peer resource. Our partners in Europe have been very interested in our work on recovery story sharing and the role that our stories play in supporting personal recovery, inspiring others and in challenging stigma and discrimination.

Living e-Motions uses storyliving to enable people to explore their experiences and emotions; get a deeper understanding of their story, skills and strengths; and support them to drive forward their recovery journey. We are keen for Scottish organisations to get involved and to see how this learning resource can be used across Scotland to support people on their recovery journeys.

  • Are you interested in learning more about storyliving as a way to support mental health recovery?
  • Do you deliver training in mental health, wellbeing and recovery?
  • Do you run peer groups?

If yes, Living e-Motions could be for you. Like Peer2Peer this learning resource will be free to access and adaptable to your needs.

What do we mean by storyliving?

We know that story sharing is a powerful recovery tool for people living with mental health challenges. It is a way for us to explore our experiences and inner worlds – to talk about emotions, recognise their complexities and learn to live with and manage them. It also provides an opportunity for people to show that we can all experience mental health issues and break down some of the attitudes and discrimination that hinders recovery and excludes people from society.

Storyliving takes this a step further. Living e-Motions participants will not only develop and share their story but will also learn to ‘live’ their story by using their lived experience to support their recovery journey and inspire others in their journey.

What’s been happening so far?

Scottish Recovery Network’s role in the project is to lead on the development of the training resource and then work with other partners who are piloting the course in their countries. All was going well with the pilots when COVID-19 struck resulting in some delays. The pilot courses are now nearly complete and the feedback has been really positive. Participants and facilitators have reported that the course is enjoyable, positive and empowering.

What’s next?

Scottish Recovery Network are working with our partners in Spain, Estonia and Slovenia to learn from the experience of the pilots and to finalise the learning resource. We are also collecting blogs and short videos from participants who have been sharing their stories and experiences of the course. All of this will be available online by the end of November 2020.

In advance of this we would like to provide an opportunity for Scottish groups, organisations and services to find out more about Living e-Motions and to explore how it could add to their work.

If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch with us at info@scottishrecovery.net

You might also be interested in reading the latest newsletter from the project which includes a feature from our Acting Director, Louise Christie Storyliving for Challenging Times (page 10)

We look forward to hearing from you and introducing the Living e-Motions resource to Scotland.