Visit the Creative Quarter! Be informed, inspired, engaged

21st May 2014

Creative Quarter is part of an IRISS project aimed at understanding and learning from disciplines that specifically recognise creativity as a central feature of their identity. The goal is to inspire and stimulate creativity in order to promote better outcomes for people who use social services.

The project combines consideration of how people think about creativity, what stimulates it in social services and what this means in practice for people using services and practitioners. The Creative Quarter website is now live and packed full of ideas, information and inspiration. Content is presented in four ‘quarters’:

  • Creativity and social care – includes a series of case studies exploring the role and effectiveness of the creative arts in supporting positive outcomes for people being supported by social services.
  • Surprising and inspiring – features Creative Bites where people share their thoughts and ideas to inspire creativity and tell us what creativity means to them.
  • The science bit – presents the evidence for creativity in social care, including videos and write-ups from our SEE sessions (SEE | Enlighten | Engage).
  • Unlock your creativity – a section full of inspired thinking and ideas around how to unlock creativity.

If you have case studies you would like to include on the website or would like to be involved in Creative Bites please contact the project lead

IRISS are also keen to get feedback on Creative Quarter so let them know what you think!

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