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Peer support is generally understood to be a relationship of mutual support where people with similar life experiences offer each other support, particularly as they move through challenging or difficult experiences.

All across Scotland groups and organisations are developing peer opportunities that are breaking away from traditional one-to-one support in formal services. The landscape for peer support is becoming much more varied and vibrant. Here at SRN we are very pleased to be able to support this growth with a range of free resources:

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Peer2Peer training

Peer2Peer helps you to deliver peer training for your organisation or initiative. It has been designed to be flexible and adaptable. It can be delivered as a whole or you can select specific sessions to focus on.

Order your free (Scotland only) hard copy manual at or call SRN on 0141 240 7790.

You can also download the Peer2Peer manual

Peer2Peer was developed as a result of a European Union funded partnership project to train people with lived experience of mental health problems to support others in their recovery. Watch the short film below to find out more.

Also available to support you

A Story of Change: Making Recovery Real in Dundee

Making Recovery Real in Dundee (ADD LINK TO PAGE) is having a significant impact on the way that mental health supports and services are developing in the city.

A wide range of local Dundee organisations and services are developing new peer roles. Some of the people who have completed Peer2Peer training are now exploring establishing new peer-led groups and activities.

Participants produced a short film sharing their experiences of recovery. The film and accompanying resources (ADD LINK) are a great way to encourage people to get involved in peer and recovery conversations.

We want to hear from you!

We would love to hear from you if:

  • You are interested in developing peer opportunities and peer roles.
  • You are using a peer approach in your area or organisation and want to shout about it!
  • You would like to contribute (written, filmed, audio, animation etc) to our What Peer Means to Me series.

Contact us at or call 0141 240 7790.