SRN are a small but effective team of 11 people, all committed to achieving our vision of a Scotland where mental health recovery is a reality for all.

    SRN _Staff_Portraits_2016 _29_imageCaroline Cunningham, Administrator
    As part-time administrator I support the implementation of SRN’s work on self-management and WRAP.  I assist with other programmes and organisation-wide administration and events. I also work as a freelance personal fitness instructor. Email Caroline


    SRN _Staff_Portraits _2016 _21_imageChristine Muir, Senior Communications Officer
    I oversee the implementation of SRN’s communications strategy. Before joining SRN, I worked with a range of arts organisations including the Citizens Theatre. I currently help run the Glasgow OCD support group and volunteer with See Me. Email Christine


    Emma Monaghan
    I am a Write to Recovery Group Facilitator. I engage with a variety of organisations and groups across Scotland to help set up and grow the Write to Recovery project. I have an interest in working alongside people with lived experience of mental ill health and believe that people deserve to have their say when it comes to their recovery. Email Emma


    Erin Crombie
    My job as a Write to Recovery Group Facilitator involves the implementation and running of the Write to Recovery programme with organisations throughout Scotland. I’m an advocate for the therapeutic potential of writing and other forms of creative self-expression. My background is in literature and philosophy, interests which support my work with SRN. Email Erin


    Frank Reilly, Director
    SRN Staff portraits - Frank 01 copyI am first and foremost a member of a highly skilled and experienced team, promoting and delivering recovery in Scotland and internationally. As Director I work with the SRN team and partner agencies to set the strategic direction of the organisation. I am also a sometime researcher with an interest in the definitions and practicalities of co-production as well as a weekend musician. Email Frank


    SRN_Staff_Portraits_2016_JH_imageJane Hutton, Administrator
    As a full-time Administrator, I support the implementation of SRN programmes and organisation-wide administration and events. Prior to joining SRN I worked for several years in the public transport industry in a secretarial/administrative capacity. Email Jane


    SRN_Staff_Portraits_JMcC_2016_imageJohn McCormack, Network Manager
    I am ‘team SRN’s’ Learning and Development Manager. I help manage Write to Recovery and support our learning and development work. I am fascinated by the healing power of narrative. My other interests include counselling, trauma informed practice and solution focused recovery. Email John


    SRN_Staff_Portraits_2016 _01_imageJohn Moody, Network Officer
    I promote recovery and self-management, including Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP). Before joining SRN I worked in my own community, teaching, enabling the voices of local people to be heard, working with adult literacy and people living with physical disabilities and mental health problems.
    Email John 


    SRN_Staff_Portraits_2016 _16_imageLesley Smith, Network Officer
    My main role is to support the development of peer approaches and I have a particular interest in empowerment and lived experience. I bring to the role my passion for and previous experiences of involvement, collective advocacy and training. My expertise is grounded in my personal experiences of recovery and using services. Email Lesley


    SRN_Staff_Portraits_LC_2016_09_imageLouise Christie, Network Manager
    I oversee the implementation of SRN’s development activity and have a particular interest in supporting work which translates policy into practice and demonstrates the benefit of the use of recovery tools and approaches. I am also involved in our Making Recovery Real programme. Before joining SRN I managed a social enterprise and worked in social care, regeneration and funding in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Email Louise


    SRN_Staff_Portraits_2016_ 08_imageRobert Stevenson, Network Officer
    I am primarily responsible for managing our work around SRI 2 as well as a number of other activities to support a greater focus on recovery in policy and practice. Before joining SRN, I worked with a number of local authorities and third sector organisations and was a director of a social research/consultancy company. Email Robert