Stories and experiences

Why stories?

srn_story_poster_yellowPersonal stories of recovery can inform and inspire people with experience of mental health problems, carers and service providers alike. Learning about other people’s experiences can also help to challenge misconceptions. Stories offer hints and techniques on recovery and recognise the fact that people in recovery are experts by experience, stating very clearly that people can and do recover.

Stories are an invaluable resource for research. They help us learn more about the factors that help and hinder recovery and to better understand what recovery means. 


Many people describe the process of developing and sharing a personal story as helpful in supporting their own recovery. Developing a recovery story can provide an opportunity to review the past and identify the things that have gone well and can create a sense of meaning and direction.

As well as written stories our website features videos and podcasts of peoples experiences.

What Recovery Means to Me

What Recovery Means to Me is a series of short commissioned personal perspectives on recovery that SRN began compiling in 2013. You can find these contributions in the Narrative Story Bank.

Narrative Story Bank

The Narrative Story Bank contains over 150 personal stories of recovery that were submitted to SRN prior to 2014 or developed as part of the 2005 Narrative Research Project. It also contains the commissioned personal perspectives on recovery that we call ‘What Recovery Means to Me’.

If you’re interested in reading more recent stories or sharing your own experiences, please visit Write to Recovery.