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Staying connected

This set of resources share insights and inspiration from people across Scotland on staying well during and after Covid-19 lockdown.

Scottish Recovery Network organised a series of twelve online conversation cafés to bring people together to learn about and share their experiences. We wanted to tap into the knowledge, skills and lived experience of people across the country; particularly those living with mental health challenges. It is important that their experiences and voices influence thinking around how we support good mental health and wellbeing as we move through and out from the lockdown.

Discussions in the conversation cafés highlighted that many people have been able to draw on their experiences of mental health crisis and recovery to support their wellbeing during this challenging time. This emphasises the need to draw on all expertise, including lived experience in our communities as we consider how best to support good mental health and wellbeing across our society now and in the future.

How those of us who have been through dark times and embraced skills and tools to support / manage could be of great support to others during / following this period.


We hope you will use these resources to encourage further conversations and action around mental health and wellbeing. We will continue to share their reflections and learning widely to make sure people with lived experience of mental health difficulties are at the heart of building a new future for mental health support.

Staying connected

Report, podcast and animation (including BSL versions).

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The next set of resources in this series are called Build back better and explore what you said a recovery mind-set has to offer as we navigate Covid-19 and plan for a better future for Scotland’s mental health and wellbeing.