SRI 2 launch live webcast: 31st October 2011

18th October 2011

On 31st October, Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson will formally launch the SRI 2 at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. For those unable to attend, SRN are delighted to announce there will be a live webcast.

SRI 2 logoSRI 2 is the short title of the revised and enhanced Scottish Recovery Indicator. At the 31st October event, SRN Director Simon Bradstreet will present on what has changed with the SRI, why those changes have happened and how they impact on services using the tool.

The first edition of the SRI has been used by over 150 mental health services since it was first piloted in 2008, and alongside that many other services and practitioners across the mental health sector have been using the tool for reflection on practice and service development.

SRI 2 will continue to support service development and reflective practice; providing a framework for the gathering of information and feedback from a range of sources and stakeholders with a view to seeing how the data relates to ten recovery indicators. SRI 2 retains all its previous features and now additionally provides for input and feedback from informal carers.

SRI 2 supports teams to reflect on all aspects of policy and practice, strengths and weaknesses and helps them develop action plans that lead to continuous improvement, and increased service user and carer involvement and satisfaction.

The launch event on 31st October will be of particular interest to those with a role in developing recovery focused services. This includes mental health strategy leads, mental health managers, directors, planners, commissioners, service providers and people with personal experience who are responsible for recovery focused mental health service development.

SRN would strongly encourage anyone not already attending this event to visit the free, live webcast from 2pm on 31st October.