Resources spotlight – WRAP seminar report

20th September 2010

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In 2006, SRN hosted a seminar to share learning about the self management tool WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning). We invited Steven Pocklington, then the Executive Director of the Copeland Centre for Wellbeing and Recovery in the US, to tell us more about WRAP and how it can be used. The report from this seminar provides a detailed and easy to read account of the seminar. It serves as a reminder of the key concepts that underpin WRAP, such as hope, personal responsiblity, education, self-advocacy and support, as well as outlines the key elements of developing a WRAP.

Four years on, there have been definite advances in developing WRAP in Scotland. To date, SRN have trained 37 WRAP faciliators across Scotland and we are committed to supportting future developments. In 2009, we commissioned research to assess the relevance, impact and effectiveness of WRAP as a tool for self management and wellness planning within groups. The finding from this research were recently published and will help to inform the further development of WRAP in Scotland.

Find out more about WRAP

WRAP was designed by Mary Ellen Copeland and others to offer a structured means by which people could maintain wellness and recovery while working to anticipate and reflect on crisis.
It is a ‘self-management’ tool used in many countries around the world to help individuals take more control over their own wellbeing and recovery. It emphasises that people are the experts in their own experience and is based on the premise there are no limits to recovery.

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