SIAA: Towards the Future – a brief history of advocacy

26th September 2013

The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA) have launched two new publications exploring and celebrating the advocacy movement.

SIAA_logo‘Towards the Future – a brief history of advocacy’ covers the growth and development of advocacy from its beginnings in the 1980s to the present day. The document highlights the contributions from a range of individuals who were involved in ensuring that marginalised groups have a voice. It shows the remarkable difference that advocacy has made throughout its existence by continuing to respond to the needs of individuals and groups at both a local and national level. SIAA Director, Shaben Begum MBE, commented:

This history looks at the remarkable growth and development of the independent advocacy movement in Scotland, follows important milestones which have shaped the movement and celebrates the extraordinary achievements of those who have laboured, struggled and battled for independent advocacy for over 25 years”.

In addition, SIAA have also launched AWOL – Poems in Celebration of Advocacy a collection of poetry donated by performance poet and mental health advocate Jo McFarlane. You may recall that Jo entertained and stimulated participants with her performance poetry at SRN’s 2011 National Gathering.

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