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Why share stories?

Developing and sharing personal stories is closely linked to mental health recovery. Stories allow us to visualise our experiences over time and reflect on the journey of recovery with its ups and downs. Sharing stories and learning about other people’s experiences can offer new hints and tips to support mental health and wellbeing.

Recovery stories can help local organisations and services collaborate with people to identify what support is needed in their community. They are a great way to make sure lived experience is at the heart of the development, design and delivery of support. Recovery stories show that with the right support, people can and do recover.

Story sharing resources

Ideas you can use to support people to develop their stories of recovery or help you get started with your own.

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Making Recovery Real in Dundee

Changing minds through sharing stories

Your stories can change the way things are done! The Dundee Recovery Stories film series captures the personal accounts of 18 Dundonians who have lived experiences of mental health difficulties and recovery.

This film and others in the series are being used to raise awareness, encourage conversations and influence attitudes, policy and practice across Scotland. We invite you to use the films and story sharing resources to get people in your organisation, service or community thinking about what recovery and wellbeing means for them.

Angus Creative Minds

Stories become ideas

The podcast group at Angus Creative Minds are using our story sharing resources to explore and develop ideas for their podcast. Their series will feature stories from people with lived experience of mental health problems.

It was decided early on that A Guide to Sharing Recovery Stories from the Scottish Recovery Network would form the basis of our first sessions. Talking about personal experience is a daunting prospect especially in an unfamiliar place with people you don’t know. It was therefore important for us to create an open, positive and safe group environment. The guide provided an introduction to the concept of sharing stories as well as important topics like consent and establishing group boundaries

David P Scott, Group Facilitator

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People from across Scotland and beyond have shared their personal stories and experiences of mental health recovery.

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