Self-directed Support strategy published

3rd December 2010

Following consultation the Scottish Government have published a 10 year strategy for Self-directed Support in Scotland.

The strategy aims to set out and drive a cultural shift around the delivery of support provided by social care and health services, whereby people have more control over the type of help they receive and the way it is delivered.

It sets out plans for greater use of individual budgets for people in receipt of support, and describes self directed support as being “available to everyone but imposed on no one”.

The strategy, which was developed in conjunction with the local authorities grouping, COSLA, states:

The focus is on delivering better outcomes through focused assessment and review, improved information and advice, and a clear and transparent approach to support planning. The strategy is part of a wider reform agenda, and reflects the common goals of current health and social care policy to deliver better outcomes for individuals and communities.

Download Self-directed support strategy paper here