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Scotland’s mental health

The Scottish election is fast approaching. As political parties plan for Scotland’s recovery they have increased their focus on mental health.

This feature provides an overview of the mental health commitments from each party manifesto. It shares what you told us you wanted for the future of mental health support in Scotland.

Scottish Mental Health Partnership

Scottish Recovery Network is one of seventeen organisations who make up Scottish Mental Health Partnership (SMHP). As part of the SMHP each organisation contributes a unique perspective to create a collective voice on mental health. This has informed the creation of the Promote, Prevent, Provide manifesto.

This recent blog from the SMHP summarises what each political party has to say on mental health. The partnership continues to campaign for a Scotland where good mental health and wellbeing is enjoyed by all.

A national conversation on recovery

Scottish Recovery Network want to make sure the knowledge, skills and voice of lived experience influence thinking and action around how we design, develop and deliver mental health support.

Towards the end of 2020 we invited people, organisations and services to take part in a national conversation about the future of mental health recovery in Scotland.

You said you want a mental health system that:

  • Takes a whole person approach
  • Genuinely values lived experience by integrating it into al parts of the system
  • Embeds peer support approaches and roles in mental health support
  • Is easy to access and navigate
  • Offers more community-based supports and choices
  • Tackle’s inequalities and contributes to a fair society

Read the findings in full in the What’s next for recovery? report (summary and BSL versions available).

Next steps

We are working with the Scottish Government and others to agree on a refreshed vision and strategy for mental health recovery in Scotland.

We will share our organisation plans and programme for 2021/22 next month. This will outline how we will support people, organisations and services to work together to create a mental health system powered by lived experience.

It’s time for transformation. Together we can make Scotland a place where people expect mental health recovery and are supported at all stages of their recovery journey.