Communities at centre of SRN’s new strategy

19th April 2017

Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) Director, Frank Reilly introduces the organisation’s new vision and the Strategic Overview for 2017-2020.

SRN have an established body of work and resources that have been used in Scotland and in the rest of the world to support recovery oriented policy and practice. We have reviewed what we have achieved, since 2004, with our partner organisations and the many, many individuals who have helped us to change the mental health conversation. Now is the time to take those conversations further.

 ‘A Scotland where recovery is real for everyone in every community’

The new strategic vision for SRN puts people and their communities at the centre of our work over the next three years, learning from lived experience about what makes recovery ‘real’ for the people of Scotland.

Our mission is to place lived experience of recovery at the centre of life, practice and policy across the country. This means finding, supporting and publicising innovative approaches to recovery, many of which may rely on community first and services second. It also means finding ways to incorporate recovery approaches and tools into everyday conversations in schools and workplaces and the places where people come together to connect.

SRN want to help the people of Scotland recognise that distress is common to 100% of human existence: it is something we share all too often. However, what we have in common binds us together. Recovery is for everyone, in every community, wherever they are.

Download SRN Strategic Overview 2017-2020


Watch this space

Over the next few months we will be telling you more about our new way of working. We will also be making some changes across our communication platforms to support SRN’s new vision and strategy. Sign up to our monthly eUpdate or Follow @SRN_Tweet on Twitter to keep informed.