SRN: communities, collaboration and co-production

25th May 2017

Last month we introduced the Scottish Recovery Network’s new vision and Strategic Overview (2017-2020). This set out our mission: to place experience of recovery at the centre of life, practice and policy across Scotland.  This month Louise Christie, Network Manager tells us more about what this means for SRN’s work.

‘People and communities will be at the centre of our work; learning from lived experience about what makes recovery real for people.’

The new strategic vision and overview has given us an opportunity to learn from and build on the work of SRN to date and adapt our approach. Over the next three years we will focus on working with and in communities where we will collaborate and co-produce with others – organisations, groups, individuals and agencies.

This has been informed by our experience of Making Recovery Real in Moray and Dundee where people living with mental health problems and those providing services and supports have been brought together to develop local approaches and resources. This highlighted the creativity, innovation and motivation in communities to develop their own supports for recovery and the role SRN can play in bringing people together and unlocking potential.


When we talk about communities we mean of place and interest as well as communities we have worked with in the past and those we have yet to work with. We will be reaching out to people, groups and organisations across Scotland to see how we can collaborate. We are keen to develop, adapt and adopt recovery focused approaches and tools in a way that is appropriate to you, owned by you and that increases knowledge and experience of recovery. We believe that by working with people and organisations we can help to embed recovery in local communities and be a focal point for sharing experiences and learning about recovery. Working collaboratively will demonstrate what people and communities can achieve and this will inspire and motivate others to work together for positive change.

Changes at SRN

This approach has required some changes at SRN. We have created a team which will work across Scotland at a national level and in three defined areas – West, East and North. We have three Network Officers who will represent SRN. Each Officer will engage with people, organisations and agencies in their area to seek out and highlight innovation and develop opportunities for collaborative and co-produced projects. They will be supported by me, as Network Manager, responsible for developing the national and strategic relationships needed to support our regional work. I will also ensure the approaches developed and learning generated are shared effectively and influence practice and policy.

The Network Officers for West and East are already in place and are starting to make contact with people. We are in the process of recruiting a Network Officer for the North of Scotland and look forward to introducing them in the future.

The Network Officer in the West is Robert Stevenson. Robert has been with SRN for over three years and many of you will know him through his work on the Scottish Recovery Indicator (SRI 2) and more recently, Making Recovery Real in Moray.

The Network Officer in the East is Lesley Smith. Lesley has been with SRN for around seven years and has played a significant role in promoting and supporting the development of peer support roles in services and supports.

You will hear more from me, Lesley and Robert in future e-Updates where we will share our experiences of working with you to co-produce recovery approaches and tools and share the learning generated.

Get in touch

Its only by working with and learning from each other that we can build the recovery movement and realise the change in the support for people living with mental health problems we want to see.

We know that there is a lot going on in communities to promote and support wellbeing and recovery. We would love to hear about the work you are doing; your hopes and aspirations for change and possible collaborative projects.

Contact SRN on or 0141 240 7790 for an informal chat.