Recovery focused services use SRI 2

26th April 2016

SRN has published a report summarising four years of experience and feedback from the use of the online Scottish Recovery Indicator (SRI 2) service development tool.

How Recovery Focused are We? was officially launched by SRN and The Scottish Government at Edinburgh City Chambers on 18th March 2016.

How services say the SRI 2 helps


The information gathered in the report offers a unique perspective on the recovery focus and person centredness of services. It examines evidence from almost 400 services committed to improving their recovery practice. It also features a range of case studies and feedback from practitioners about the process and impact of using SRI 2.

One of the case studies demonstrates how NHS Lanarkshire took a strategic approach to use SRI 2 across all mental health services in inpatient and community settings.

Maria Docherty, Associate Director of Nursing, Mental Health for NHS Lanarkshire said:

We wanted to put recovery at the heart of our approach to delivering mental health services and recognised the need to demonstrate that we were delivering on the values base for mental health nursing identified in Rights, Relationships and Recovery. We also saw SRI 2 as a way of ensuring that our practice reflected the 10 essential shared capabilities for mental health practice.


FDAMH_strapline_imageSRI 2 has also been used by non NHS services including Third Sector social care and mental health organisations. Falkirk District Association for Mental Health (FDAMH) invited people using their service to take the lead in reviewing their services.

Linda McGonigle, FDAMH’s Service User and Carer Involvement Officer said:

The members of the Involvement Group saw it as an opportunity to get involved in a meaningful piece of work.  It gave members of the group an opportunity to use their skills and abilities as well as increasing their confidence and self-esteem.


Another case study summarises a partnership project between SRN and the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) to help 14 supported living services to develop their recovery approach.

Robert Nesbit, SAMH Community Business Manager said:

Working with SRN provided support and encouragement to the managers and staff involved and gave them the confidence to use the SRI 2 framework to facilitate open and honest reflection.  It allowed staff to embrace change without seeing it as threatening. Ultimately, it is resulting in us providing a better, more recovery focused service to the people we support.


Scottish Government support

The Scottish Government is committed to continuing its support for SRN’s work that ensures recovery is central to policy and practice.

Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health commented:

The recently published Commitment 1 review of the state of mental health services in Scotland noted there had been a positive progress in mental health policy and practice over the last 10 years. It also concluded that SRN has made a major contribution engaging practitioners and promoting recovery-oriented practices.

He went on to say:

The Scottish Government will continue to support the work of SRN to develop and improve the Scottish Recovery Indicator and promote its continued use as a key approach to help improve services.


SRI 2 has undoubtedly helped many services think about how they can support recovery and it will continue to play this important role. There is also potential for it to be used more widely across a greater range of services.

It is also clear that the approach to using the tool has varied across the country and that services are more likely to complete the process when there is strong support and leadership from senior management. Services need support to have the sort of discussions around recovery focused practice that SRI 2 is designed to help facilitate.

SRI 2 is not a panacea for service improvement but it can provide a robust framework to support discussions about how we ensure that every person who comes into contact with mental health services has every opportunity possible for recovery.

Read the report

Interested in improving recovery practice within your service? You can find out more on the SRI 2 website or by contacting or 0141 240 7790.


You might also be interested in our new SRI 2 leaflet for services and the accompanying Ten Recovery Indicators poster. If you would like free printed versions of these resources call us on the number above (Scotland only).