Realising Recovery learning materials

13th January 2014

The Realising Recovery learning materials were developed jointly by the Scottish Recovery Network and NHS Education for Scotland (NES).

realisingrecovery_featureimageThey are designed to support all mental health workers to develop their recovery focused practice. The following modules are included:

The materials have been designed so they can be studied in a way that involves elements of self-directed study and reflection. However, we strongly recommend that opportunities for group discussions should be made available to help learners put individual experiences into a broader context and enhance learning. Ideally they should be supported by a trained facilitator. SRN and NES are both committed to increasing the number of facilitators across Scotland.

Developing the materials

In developing the materials we drew on literature and evidence from a wide range of sources. Most importantly the design of the learning has been shaped by the lived experience of people in Scotland who identify themselves as in recovery or recovered from a mental health problem. The findings of SRN’s 2005 narrative research report provided the primary evidence base for these materials.

The materials build on The 10 Essential Shared Capabilities (Scotland) learning materials and are designed to provide further learning to enable mental health workers to work alongside people as they create their own unique recovery journeys.

Together, these learning materials offer mental health workers opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and values in ways that maximises the involvement of service users, embrace the belief that recovery is possible and facilitate new relationships between people who use services and the communities they live in.

Background to development

The Realising Recovery learning materials were developed as a result of the Review of Mental Health Nursing in Scotland. Rights, Relationships and Recovery, the report of the review of mental health nursing in Scotland and accompanying five year action plan, was published in April 2006.
The report was devised in partnership with all of the various mental health stakeholder groups including service users and carers who had a strong voice in the review. The report provided a positive new direction for mental health nursing in Scotland and set out a value base about creating respectful and hopeful relationships with service users and carers.
One of the key actions of the report was to produce new recovery learning materials. To inform this process SRN and NES worked jointly to firstly produce a national training framework in relation to recovery identifying:

  • What nurses and other mental health practitioners needed to know (knowledge)
  • What practitioners should be able to do (skills)
  • What attitudes practitioners needed to be able to work in a recovery focused way (values)

In order to develop this Framework a lot of activity took place including looking at what other countries had done to encourage people to work in more recovery focused ways, finding out about current training available here in Scotland, across the UK and internationally and speaking with mental health workers and service users across Scotland. The SRN’s narrative research was also used as a key source of information about what helps and hinders recovery.

Read more about The 10 Essential Shared Capabilities (Scotland) and other training and education developments in relation to the review of mental health nursing in Scotland here.

Supporting resources

The development of a training framework was one of the actions identified in Rights, Relationships and Recovery: the report of the national review of mental health nursing in Scotland (SEHD 2006). The Framework outlines the knowledge, skills and values mental health nurses require to work in a recovery focused way with people who use mental health services and their friends, family and carers. This framework was the starting point for developing the Realsing Recovery training materials.

Realising Recovery Training Framework (416.82 kB)

As part of development of the Realising Recovery Training Framework, a review of existing recovery training in other countries was carried out.

A Literature Review and Documentary Analysis on Recovery Training in Mental Health Practice – Review of recovery training taking place in other countries carried out as part of the development of the Realising Recovery Training Framework (303.11 kB)