Momentum is growing – The future is peer

31st October 2018

More and more organisations and services now see the development of peer roles as part of the future of mental health support. SRN’s Network Manager Louise Christie gives an overview.

Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) has been working to promote and support recovery since 2004. Our vision is of ‘A Scotland where recovery is real for everyone in every community’. To deliver this we work with people and organisations to develop collaborative and innovative approaches and share learning. Our work is underpinned and informed by valuing, learning from and sharing the lived experiences of people living with mental health challenges. Peer support is a key theme that runs through everything we do.

Peer support

Peer support is generally understood to be a relationship of mutual support where people with similar life experiences offer each other support, particularly as they move through challenging or difficult experiences. Peer support shows us that people with lived experience of mental health challenges are part of the solution with a role to play in supporting both their own recovery and the recovery of other people.

Peer support is not new and exists in many forms. From the informal sharing of experiences to more formalised roles and approaches in organisations and services. Through our work we can see that awareness of and discussion about peer support is gaining momentum. All across Scotland groups and organisations are developing peer support opportunities that are breaking away from traditional one-to-one support in formal services. The landscape for peer support is becoming much more varied and vibrant.

Here at SRN we are very pleased to be able to support this growth. We have a range of free resources to support you:

Making Recovery Real in Dundee – A story of change

Work in Dundee provides a good example of how local collaborations which put lived experience at the centre can create the basis and momentum for local development of peer roles and opportunities.

Making Recovery Real in Dundee is based on a desire to put lived experience at the heart of everything we do. Through the initiative a group of local people produced a short film sharing their experiences of recovery. This is a fantastic film, and this along with the delivery of Peer 2 peer training, is having a significant impact on the way that mental health supports and services are developing in the city.

A wide range of local Dundee organisations and services have or are developing new peer roles. Some of the people who have completed Peer 2 peer are exploring establishing new peer-led groups and activities. This is being supported by the framework provided by Making Recovery Real which has enabled local collaboration to deliver training and run events and workshops where people with lived experience and practitioners work together to develop peer opportunities and roles.

While the journey ahead is likely to be at times challenging, we believe that the future is bright and the future is peer…

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