Minister for Health launches new recovery film

21st March 2018

‘Making Recovery Real in Dundee’ captures the personal accounts and stories of 18 Dundonians who have experiences of mental health difficulties and recovery.

The film was officially launched by Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Shona Robison MSP, in the cinema of the DCA on Friday 16th March 2018. It is the centre-piece of a wider partnership project under the same name which was established in 2015 and backed by Dundee City Council, NHS Tayside, Dundee Voluntary Action and a network of Third sector organisations.*

Led by the Scottish Recovery Network the ‘Making Recovery Real in Dundee’ project and film aims to empower people across Scotland to have their say about how they would like to be supported locally in their recovery journey.

Shona Robison MSP commented:

It’s been really fantastic to see the film Making Recovery Real in Dundee. It’s very inspirational and the message really is one of hope that recovery is possible and should be a feature of life for everyone in Scotland.

The Scottish Government mental health strategy is one where people can get the right help at the right time and expect recovery and fully enjoy their rights free from discrimination and stigma.

I think that the film and the peer to peer support that is featured in the film is very very powerful and I hope that the film is seen by many many thousands of people across Scotland because it gives hope and inspiration.


SRN Network Manager Louise Christie reflects on the Making Recovery Real in Dundee project and story-sharing process.

Inspiring, emotional, fantastic, powerful, hopeful….

This is just some of the words that people used to describe how they felt at the premiere of the Making Recovery Real in Dundee film. Around 150 people including Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport gathered to see the film and also to present certificates to the 15 people who have recently completed the Peer2Peer training course.

This was not only a great day for all those involved but it was the culmination of over two years work and persistence from all those involved. It all started in June 2015 when a group of local people and organisations came together to work with SRN to put recovery more firmly on the agenda in Dundee. Early discussions and events highlighted that people wanted lived experience voices to be at the centre and it was agreed that to do this we needed to work with people to collect and share stories.

Many of those at the premiere commented on the bravery of those who shared their stories on film. There is no doubt that people have shown great courage but when you speak to people who shared their stories they talk less of bravery and more of feeling proud that their story can help others. I think that this is because we took things slowly working with people to find out what was important to them, how they wanted to be involved and the support they needed to do this.

To collect the stories there were workshops, drop-ins, group and interviews in a range of locations. Making Recovery Real partners played a key role in encouraging and supporting people to get involved. We used a variety of approaches to get people thinking about THEIR story and went at people’s own pace. What kept us going was that this process was inclusive and had been developed with and for the people involved. When things didn’t go as planned people pulled together and tried different approaches.

While the film is the culmination of a lot of work it is also the beginning of a new era in Dundee. Those involved are already planning how they will use the film to spread the message of recovery, hope and peer support to others and also how their stories can continue to influence policy and practice.

Sign up to SRN’s eUpdate for more information over the next few months about Making Recovery Real and the work that led to the film. We will be sharing our approach and materials with you to get peer-led story sharing embedded in communities across Scotland.

We hope you enjoy the film.


Rona, Shona, Laura, Kevin, Gordon, Garry, Paul, Brian, Andrew, Andy, Angus, Daniel, Ivor, John, Kathryn, Lisa, Michael, Sara and everyone involved in the making of the film.

Third sector partner organisations including: Dundee Association for Mental Health; Hearing Voices Network; Penumbra; The Richmond Fellowship Scotland; Scottish Association for Mental Health; Art Angel and Dundee Independent Advocacy Support.

The film was created by Dundee Voluntary Action local project worker Rob Warren with technical backing from Tigershark Films.