Let’s talk about recovery conversation cards launched!

22nd May 2019

Check out SRN’s latest free resource to get people talking (and listening!) about what supports recovery and wellbeing for you and your community.

Talking about recovery can connect us with other people, help us make sense of our experiences and inspire hope. It can allow us to celebrate our recovery journeys and share the valuable learning we get on the way. We believe that good conversations happen when…

  • There are no right or wrong answers
  • We contribute our ideas and experiences
  • We listen to and respect each other
  • We don’t have to agree but try to understand each other
  • Everybody gets a chance to speak if they want to

Our work with communities across Scotland has highlighted that a great way to encourage conversations about recovery and wellbeing is to use the CHIME framework*: Connections, Hope, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment. Based on the CHIME themes the Let’s talk about recovery conversation cards are an ideal way for people, organisations and communities to get discussions started about what is important to them.

Order or download your conversation card pack(s)**

The conversation cards compliment the short animation What is Mental Health Recovery? and the Let’s talk about recovery leaflet. To order your pack (s) of Let’s talk about recovery conversation cards contact SRN on  0141 240 7790 or info@scottishrecovery.net

You can also download the conversation cards

Get involved

We would love to hear how your organisation uses our CHIME resouces so please get in touch or why not join the conversation on Twitter using #LetsTalkRecovery


*Thanks to CHIME: Conceptual Framework for personal recovery in mental health (Lemy et al, 2011).

**Hard copy versions of this resource are free to people living in Scotland.

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Comments made

  1. Margaret Comrie says:

    Please can you send me a hard copy of the cards? I work for NHSGGC Employment and Health Team and deliver free mental health line manager training. It would be good to highlight this new resource at the training.
    Many thanks.

  2. Carmen Ludeman says:

    Could you please post out to me your Recovery Conversation Cards. I feel these cards will be so helpful in shaping my Family’s misunderstandings about mental health conditions and offer real hope by promoting mutuality and acceptance.

    Many thanks,

    1. Christine Muir says:

      Hi Carmen, Thanks for your comment. I will be in touch by email regarding your resources enquiry. Best wishes, Christine

  3. Susan says:

    Could you please email me a list of recovery cafes in the glasgow area. I work with women fighting addictions & trauma and i am finding it difficult to find a listing for these cafes.
    Many thanks

    1. Christine Muir says:

      Hello Susan
      Thanks for your query. I will reply by email.
      Many thanks