Laura McGlinn: what recovery means to me

19th April 2017

Laura McGlinn, creator of “The Mindful Image” and “The Mindful Charm”, tells us what recovery means to her.

Recovery for me has been tough, rewarding, complex and funny at times in so many ways. There have been highs/lows but I wouldn’t be here today without the brakes stopping me in my tracks, leaving me no choice but to deal with the complexity of what I now call my re-discovery of who I am.

Where do I fit in, did I ever, who am I? What I can say is I’m no longer hiding who I am, no longer shamed, living in fear of judgement, for things completely and utterly out of my control. Trauma from childhood, layers upon layers of life’s unpredictable adversities and stigma prevented me from searching for help and speaking. For someone growing up with the nickname  “Gubby” and being a business professional with the gift of the gab, this was not something people would have believed of me, including myself. Shame and fear causes that but my motto is “We all deserve a Life to Thrive, not just Survive”.

A lot of change needs to happen and for me that was easy in some ways. The wanting is the beginning of that journey, the doing and what can I do to make that happen. It is not about what others tell you to do or say but you wanting to do it yourself. Yes it is risky when your vulnerable and boy, trust is a major factor for me and still challenges me everyday. The rewards are incredible though. I cannot believe I’m now blogging about mental health, I’m in Self Compassion Therapy and just starting to like myself now and again, this one is the hardest out of all, talking to myself as I do to others with empathy. I have hope in abundance and love sharing that with the most incredible and bravest people I have ever met along the way, on my recovery road. I’ve created “The Mindful Image”, a way of photography for you to ground yourself and enjoy the present.”The Mindful Charm” little tokens for friends, family, colleagues to know they are loved, thought of and another tool from my box to stop stigma and to just allow it in everyday conversation.

Amongst many other projects #thewellbeingsignpost #craft2recover #communitycorrespondent for Mind Waves to name a few but most importantly working on me.

I am Laura and I have an invisible illness and I’m proud to be able to say and share that with you. I’m so grateful and full of gratitude for you taking the time to read this, please share. I’m no longer hiding and neither should you if you believe in You and stopping stigma. Its time to talk!

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