DS Crerar: what recovery means to me

29th November 2017

DS Crerar tells us what recovery means to her.

What Helps Me Get Through the Day

  • Three alarms set at 15 minute intervals. One hour in the morning, nursing a cup of tea helps me get through the day.
  • Being in control and breaking everything down into easy, manageable steps. Each step I pass is a positive.
  • Getting on with the practical stuff so I can’t make excuses. When I get anxious about stuff, I sleep badly the night before, so I get my clothes ready, my bag ready, have a shower the night before. I have the route to my destination planned out in advance.
  • Browsing through stuff online inspires me and lifts my mood up.
  • Repeating a particular favourite phrase, in my head, or a mantra throughout the day keeps my mood and motivation up.
  • Listening to happy music, and the words of cheerful songs gets me through the day. Singing in my head or out loud and dancing around at home is great fun and gets my circulation going.
  • Hugging my son regularly gets me through the day. We both enjoy the physical contact and it feels fantastic! It helps me to push away negative thoughts or emotions.
  • Doing a job or activity I enjoy helps me get through the day.
  • Encouraging my inner child to come out to play often. We all have one.
  • Being around people or places, doing stuff I enjoy gets me through the day. People who understand me and accept me as I am, in places I feel safe and secure and confident, with all my bases covered is how I get through the day. I aim low and anything above that is a bonus.
  • Reading and writing gets me through the day. I enjoy coming on Wellbeing sites and researching my conditions. I enjoy reading what others experiences are. It makes me feel that I am not alone, I am not on the outside of life. Empathising through reading stuff online gets me through the day.
  • Participating in a voluntary group with like minded individuals with different and similar issues in a protected environment gets me through the day.  Finding something worthwhile and meaningful to take part in, where you give and receive mutual benefits, does wonders for the Soul. Helping others by sharing can be so rewarding in the right circumstances.
  • Doing one thing that I don’t want to do, or that scares me every day, gets me through the day.
  • Being upfront and honest, when necessary, gets me through the day. When I’m feeling over sensitive, over anxious or in pain I have to say so, under the right circumstances. Showing you are vulnerable is not a weakness. The people who know me understand.
  • Recording my thoughts, dreams and aspirations gets me through the day.
  • Knowing that I am in charge of, and I am contributing to my recovery is very empowering. That’s what gets me through the day.

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