Report from Rethink highlights common elements of recovery

11th January 2010

The findings from Rethink’s recently published research report ‘Getting back into the world – Reflections on lived experiences of recovery‘, which focuses on the experiences and perspectives of 48 people from across England recovering from mental health problems, highlight similar recovery themes as found in SRN’s narrative research project ‘Recovering Mental Health in Scotland’.

In brief, Rethink’s report identifiied 10 key themes for shaping an individual recovery journey:

  • Basic and materials needs
  • Stigma and isolation
  • Relationships
  • Receiving support
  • Treatments
  • Identity and self-awareness
  • Taking responsibility
  • Self-management and resilience
  • Having purpose and belonging
  • Spirituality and cultural wisdom

The themes listed above resonate with the findings from SRN’s narrative research project ‘Recovering Mental Health in Scotland‘ where we found having hope for the future, meaningful activities and purpose, contributions and choices in life validated and valued, supportive relationships, the right mix of treatments and support and a positive identity as common elements of the recovery experience.

The Rethink report adds to the growing qualitative evidence base that is rooted in people’s lived experience of recovery.  The findings show that recovery can and does happen and further supports the common themes that describe the recovery experience.

Rethink is a mental health charity in England and this research report is part of their recovery series.  The research was led by the Rethink Research Department who took a partnership approach to service user involvement and employed seven involvement researchers, who had personal experience of mental health problems and psychiatric treatment.

For more information or for a copy of the report contact 0845 456 0455, for a free copy of the report follow the links below:

Getting back into the world – Reflections on lived experiences of recovery
Rethink – Mental health shop website

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