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Peer2Peer Programme starts!

This month we celebrate the start of the Peer2Peer Development Programme with the first online event! Scottish Recovery Network’s Holly Hendry tells us more.

From now until well into 2022 we will be working with eleven different organisations with a passion for peer support. Using a collaborative approach we will help them to plan and deliver a Peer2Peer course.

The Peer2Peer Development Programme enables people to work in a different way. It brings together a group of organisations that are interested in developing peer support opportunities while sharing experiences and learning with each other along the way. The first event was a chance for everyone to connect and start building an approach to working together.

What’s next?

Over the next three months, we will focus on key aspects of planning and preparation, delivery and sustainability. The organisations will be provided with group and individual support as well as opportunities to exchange ideas and insights with each other. Each organisation will then deliver a Peer2Peer course in their own way with the people they work with and support.

We are really excited to be working with such a diverse group of organisations from across the country:

  • Befrienders Highland
  • Voluntary Action South Ayrshire
  • Health in Mind – Midlothian
  • Independent Living Support – Dumfries
  • Mind Mosaic – Inverclyde
  • SAMH
  • The Richmond Fellowship
  • Paw Palz  – Aberdeenshire
  • Real Women North Lanarkshire
  • Fife Peer Network
  • Dynamic Wheel – Stirling and Clackmannanshire

Ruth Stevenson from Ruthless Research will be evaluating the programme.

We asked Befrienders Highland why they were taking part?

We want to be able to develop and offer a peer befriending option and to employ a Peer Coordinator to facilitate this. Two friends in the last twelve months, feel that they no longer need befriending themselves. They have trained to befriend others. We would love to encourage and develop this opportunity for others in the same situation.

Befrienders Highland

Want to deliver Peer2Peer?

You don’t have to be part of the Development Programme to deliver a Peer2Peer course. The Let’s do Peer2Peer resources help you to deliver peer training. They have been designed to be flexible. They provide hints, tips, and example approaches for people who want to run their own Peer2Peer course in their own way.

We have also developed a Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook so you can take Peer2Peer online!