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New paper calls for ‘radical change’ in policy

As part of the Scottish Mental Health Partnership we are calling for a radically different Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Scotland.

Seventeen member organisations have developed a new paper with a collective vision. A Scotland where good mental health and wellbeing are enjoyed by all.

‘How do we meet the mental health needs of all Scots’ seeks to influence the development of the Scottish Government’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy. Its proposals extend across all walks of life, including:

  • Adopting a “Promote, Prevent, Provide” approach. Fostering good mental health for all whilst also providing high quality services for those with mental health conditions
  • Ensuring mental health is prioritised in all policies through a mental health impact assessment
  • Developing a workforce strategy that enables new models of person-centred care to be provided

Scotland is a very different place in 2022. We face new challenges on top of those that existed before Covid. Mental health and wellbeing has become more prominent in public consciousness during the pandemic and now is the time to capitalise with bold actions.

Policy Lead for the Partnership, Gordon Johnston

A Chance for Change

Scottish Recovery Network also published A Chance for Change. This report outlines what you told us you want from a refreshed Scottish Government Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.