OTBDS report on the effect of motherhood on mental health and wellbeing

9th December 2011

A new report by Outside the Box Development Support gathers Scottish women’s experiences of being a mother and the impact that it has had on them.

OTBDS (Outside the Box Development Support) is a social enterprise which aims to be a source of independent community development support, information, training and advice to people who tend to be marginalised from their communities and who want to make a contribution.

They have produced the report Mums’ mental health and wellbeing which hears from a variety of women about the effects on their mental health.

The experiences range from those given a diagnosis of postnatal depression to others who had found that life was stressful and sometimes quite difficult but did not think of themselves as having a mental health problem.

The report brings together information from the contributors such as What helps and what doesn’t and Tips and hints for other mothers.

To download the report please go visit the Outside The Box report page.


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