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Change can be empowering

Scottish Recovery Network's Acting Director Louise Christie talks about recognising that change can be empowering and why it's time for the transformation of Scotland's mental health system.

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Run Peer2Peer online

Are you a group, organisation, or service interested in developing peer opportunities? You can now run Peer2Peer training as an online course.

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The digital driving seat

You don't have to be a technical expert to take activities online. Here are some tips to get you started.

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What’s next for recovery?

Our national engagement gathered your views on a vision and strategy for mental health recovery in Scotland.

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Let’s do Peer2Peer

Complementing the Peer2Peer training manual, these resources provide hints, tips, and example approaches for people who want to run their own Peer2Peer course.

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Blog: Shaking the apple tree

A podcast group are using Scottish Recovery Network’s ‘A Guide to Recovery Story Sharing’ to help participants explore ideas for the series.

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Manifesto launch 2021

As part of Scotland’s Mental Health Partnership, we’re urging the Scottish Government to make Mental Health a priority.


Meaningful connections

This research explores how peer support in Scotland has adapted to a digital world with creativity and flexibility during Covid-19 restrictions.

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Staying connected

This set of resources share insights and inspiration from people across Scotland on staying well during and after Covid-19 lockdown.

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Build back better

What does a recovery mind-set have to offer as we navigate Covid-19 and plan for a better future for Scotland’s mental health and wellbeing?

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