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Build back better for mental health

What does a recovery mind-set have to offer as we navigate Covid-19 and plan for a better future for Scotland’s mental health and wellbeing?

25th September, 2020
Joanna: peer support and me

Joanna Higgs a Development Worker with HUG / SPIRIT Advocacy tells us what peer support means to her.

28th October, 2020
ALLIANCE Live webinar and podcast

Interested in bringing people, communities and services together to develop local recovery approaches and resources?

27th October, 2020
Staying connected: what people are doing to stay well

A new set of resources share insights and inspiration from people across Scotland on staying well during and after COVID-19 lockdown.

30th July, 2020


Contribute your recovery story to a new peer support book!
Scottish Recovery Network caught up with Keith from A New Hope; a peer support group in Ayrshire for men.
25th November, 2020
Press release: more investment needed in peer support
Scottish Recovery Network calls for more investment in peer support to mark Global Peer Support Celebration Day.
14th October, 2020
Survey: what’s next for mental health recovery in Scotland?
SURVEY CLOSED. Have your say on the future of mental health recovery and peer support in Scotland.
8th October, 2020
Making Recovery Real: 21 October
Join us as we explore how best to bring individuals and services together to develop local recovery approaches and resources.
25th September, 2020
What’s next for mental health recovery in Scotland?
REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED. Scottish Recovery Network invites you to join us for a discussion about the future of mental health…
25th September, 2020
Participate in a virtual pilot of the Peer2Peer course!
CLOSED. Scottish Recovery Network are looking for people to participate in a pilot of the Peer2Peer course online.
25th September, 2020
Hollie: peer support and me
In this short but powerful animation, Hollie, a Peer Worker with Penumbra, tells us what peer support means to her.
24th September, 2020
Blown away by the response to our surveys!
Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our national Remote Peer Support surveys!
24th September, 2020
Using self management to navigate change: 30 Sept
Join us in this workshop as we think about how our own expertise in self management can help us navigate…
16th September, 2020
Want to be involved in the Living e-Motions project?
We are looking for organisations in Scotland to get involved in a new project exploring story living and recovery.
30th July, 2020
Emma Brown: peer support and me
In this short film, Emma Brown, a Community Champion with See Me, tells us what peer support means to her.
29th July, 2020
Creating anxiety and isolation packs for the community
Zandra shares her experience of creating and distributing activity packs to help lessen feelings of anxiety and isolation during COVID-19.
29th July, 2020
Peer Support Line launched in Dundee
We caught up with Michelle Donoghue, a Peer Recovery Development Worker with DVVA, about the recently established Peer Support Line.
25th June, 2020
The Lothian Zoom Room: moving self-help groups online
In this guest blog, Michelle Howieson, a Group Facilitator with Lothian Bipolar Self-help Group, shares her experiences of moving peer…
25th June, 2020
Camillus McElhinney: peer support and me
Camillus has recently been hired as a Peer Worker with Penumbra. He tells us what peer support means to him.
25th June, 2020
Can you tell us about remote peer support happening in Scotland?
SURVEY CLOSED. Tell us about your experiences of delivering or participating and be entered into our £50 Amazon voucher prize…
25th June, 2020
PDA Mental Health Peer Support course goes digital!
Want to get a qualification in mental health peer support but live too far away from anywhere delivering the course?
23rd June, 2020
David Landles: peer support and me
David Landles, a Mental Health Champion with a leading construction company, tells us what peer support means to him.
17th June, 2020
Booking open for June/July conversation cafés!
At this time it is important that we find ways to talk about wellbeing. This is a chance for those…
29th May, 2020
Guest blog: From little seeds
As we continue to adapt to different ways of staying connected during covid-19, our guest blogger Rev James Currall writes…
29th May, 2020
Highland Hello: call to make a small gesture of connection
Highland Hello encourages people to recognise that simple gestures can support us to feel more connected with others.
4th May, 2020