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Working together to build a better life

Our latest opinion piece for The Scotsman explores co-production, power and people.

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Making Recovery Real 6 years on

Using co-production, Making Recovery Real puts people with lived experience at the centre of decision making, service design and practice development.

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Learning from lived experience – case study

This case study shares learning on how to develop meaningful engagement opportunities for and with people with lived experience.

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Engagement doesn’t have to mean formal

To mark Co-production Week Scotland our Network Officer Holly Hendry has written an opinion blog for Third Force News.

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What makes peer support unique? 10 Dec & 20 Jan

Live or work in Scotland? Want to support the development of peer roles and approaches? Join us as we explore what makes peer support unique?

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Watch the Peer2Peer animation

Are you looking for help to develop peer roles and approaches? This short animation explores what Peer2Peer is and how to get involved.

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Mental health care for all

In this Scotsman opinion piece our Director, Louise Christie highlights the crucial contribution of people with lived experience in addressing mental health inequalities.

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£15 million to help improve mental wellbeing

The Scottish Government has launched a new £15 million Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund to support adult community-based initiatives.

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Ann Jones, Manager at the Mental Health Network (Greater Glasgow), talks to about recovery conversation cafés - what they are, how they work and what they achieve. logo

Time to Engage! – sold out

Practical ideas for meaningful engagement. A free online sharing and learning event for Co-production Week Scotland 2021.

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