New website for participatory budgeting in Scotland

8th October 2015

PB Scotland is a new website for sharing and learning about the work being done by participatory budgeting (PB) initiatives around Scotland.

PB_scot_logoPB is recognised as a way for local people to have a direct say in how and where public funds can be used to address local requirements. Funded by the Scottish Government, the website provides updates on events, policy and resources relevant to PB in Scotland and profiles good examples of PB across the country and beyond.

In a welcome message for the new site, Minister for Local Government and Community Empowerment, Marco Biagi, said:

“In these times of unprecedented political engagement in Scotland, there are many people who want to participate, but may be uninterested or alienated by traditional consultations […] I believe that’s where PB comes into its own, as it gives people a space to contribute, while also gaining a taste of those other involvements and what they can achieve.”

If you are, or have been, involved in PB, please get in touch about your work and help share it more widely. Anyone interested in PB can also subscribe to a newsletter to hear the latest updates and information or visit the website.

PB in Action: Angus

Angus Council is piloting a participatory budgeting approach in the East Brechin area under the banner “Your Budget, Your Choice”. Under this initiative, the people of East Brechin are being invited to spend a budget of £20,000 on initiatives to improve wellbeing in their area.


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