MWCS annual report 2014/15 published

23rd November 2015

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland (MWCS) has published its annual report for 2014/15.

MWCS.logoKey achievements and activity include:

  • The revision of the organisation’s aim to make sure that human rights are embedded at the core of its work
  • Requested alterations to the Mental Health Bill in relation to protecting patients rights were accepted by the Scottish Government
  • The revised Mental Health Bill gave MWCS new statutory responsibilities related to advance statements and to advocacy
  • As the only organisation in Scotland to monitor the use of the Mental Health Act and the Adults with Incapacity Act, MWCS published national and local information about how well the legislation is being followed, particularly when people are detained in hospital against their will

Colin McKay, Chief Executive of MWCS, said:

“This was an important year in relation to the lawful and ethical treatment of people with mental health issues, learning disability and dementia.

“The Mental Health Bill will bring some positive changes, and we welcome the appointment of Jamie Hepburn as the Scottish Government’s first minister to have mental health listed in his title.

“But more than 10 years after mental health and incapacity law was reformed, there are still wide variations in understanding amongst Scottish health care staff of how the law should operate. That can lead to unlawful treatment, and to people not getting the care and support they need.”

The annual report also highlights the MWCS’s concerns about the capacity of the social work mental health officer service to fulfil its legal role. Numbers of these specialist social workers are decreasing, while the workload is increasing.

Read the full report


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