New reports from the MWC

19th October 2011

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland has published a report into the use of compulsory community treatment in Scotland.

The MWC note that as a new provision under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003, considerable progress has been made in providing good compulsory community treatment. Before it was implemented, many service users had concerns that it would be overused or used simply as a tool to enforce compliance with medication.

Their  “Lives Less Restricted” report has found that, six years on, most of these concerns have been allayed and that mental health services have risen to the challenge of providing compulsory community treatment.

The MWC has also released its 2010-11 Annual Report which provides an overview of their work to safeguard the rights and welfare of some of Scotland’s most vulnerable people.

Both publications are available to dowload from the MWC website. The MWC can be contacted on 0131 313 8777.


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