Scottish Government mental health strategy consultation update

9th December 2011

The Scottish Government has produced a video to accompany consultation on its proposed new mental health strategy. There will also be a chance to discuss the strategy in relation to older people with Government representatives at an NHS Health Scotland event in January 2012.

sgconsultation_coverThe video explains the Scottish Government’s proposed mental health strategy and is now available to watch on the Well Scotland website. A recent SRN article explored the strategy: A mental health strategy for Scotland: does it work for you?

In the video, Penny Curtis from the Government’s mental health unit talks about the consultation. She explains the approach the government have been taking over the past few years and what it is they are trying to achieve.

Please visit the Well Scotland website to watch the video.

The mental health strategy will also be discussed at an event being orgnaised by NHS Health Scotland and the Mental Health Foundation. ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing in Later Life’ will be held on Wednesday 18 January 2011 at The Lighthouse, Glasgow.

It aims to look at:

  • The promotion of mental health and wellbeing in later life at a local and national level.
  • How the Scottish Government’s recommendations to promote a mentally healthy later life are being implemented locally.
  • Opportunities for future development.

The event will be attended by representatives from the Scottish Government, giving delegates the chance to discuss the mental health strategy with reference to older people.

For more information, or to register your interest, please contact Irene Hamilton at or 0131 536 5522.


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