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Manifesto launch 2021

As part of Scotland’s Mental Health Partnership, we’re urging the Scottish Government to make mental health a priority.

The Partnership is made up of seventeen professional bodies and third sector organisations. The members represent people with lived experience, providers, professionals, carers, and the wider third sector.

Each member gives a unique perspective adding to an informed collective voice on mental health. We have a vision of a Scotland where good mental health and wellbeing is enjoyed by all.

As a partnership we are calling for actions that will:

  • Promote better mental health and wellbeing for the whole population
  • Prevent mental ill-health and distress in communities and groups at highest risk
  • Provide an appropriate choice of support, care and treatment in the right place and at the right time for those experiencing mental ill health.

We believe these actions should be delivered through a human rights-based approach and supported by a set of nine underlying principles:

  • Lived experience led
  • Reducing inequality
  • No wrong door approach
  • Meeting community need
  • Early intervention
  • Recovery focused
  • Anti stigma
  • Real parity
  • Choice

Visit the Scottish Mental Health Partnership website to read the manifesto. Find out about the immediate actions we are calling for from the next Scottish Government within its first 100 days. There is a BSL version of the manifesto on the website.

You can also pledge your support on Twitter using #The3Ps