Make an impact on Scotland’s Future

8th September 2015

The Scottish Government is inviting you to have your say on what a Fairer Scotland should look like in 2030, and what should be done to make this vision a reality.

Creating_A_Fairer_Scot_imageA series of local planning events will take place to give people the opportunity to share and prioritise ideas that will help make Scotland a fairer place to live.

Feedback from events will inform the Fairer Scotland forum in December. The forum will be made up of people from across the country who will work with policy makers, experts and political representatives to create a series of recommendations on how we can all work to create a Fairer Scotland. The planning events will take place on the following dates (click on the link to register):

Please note that registering interest does not guarantee a place due to venue capacity and the need for the event audience to be broadly representative of the local area.


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