Listening to Voices: innovative new project launched

13th January 2016

The Listening to Voices: Creative Disruptions with the Hearing Voices Network research project was officially launched on the 12th January 2016.

listenifyoudarecover_featureimageThe project:

Tries to understand how we can listen to voices that we find difficult, disruptive or challenging, whether these seem to come from inside or outside ourselves.

It has been created by voice-hearers, academics and independent artists who are interested in asking why and how we silence voices in ourselves or others and how we might help increase understanding about the experience of hearing voices.

In November 2015 SRN featured an article by the co-authors of a new publication from the project called “Listen (If You Dare): An Unlikely Companion to Voice-Hearing“.

The project has now released a number of additional resources that explore the experience of voice-hearing, including an immersive audio work to accompany the booklet and an interactive website.

Visit the Listening to Voices website

WARNING: Some of the text and voices in “Listen (If You Dare)” may be very disturbing. They reflect real experience and contain explicit content. For anyone who hears voices (particularly if this is a new experience) or loves someone who hears voices, reading it may be difficult or triggering.


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