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It’s time to equally value ALL PARTS of the mental health system

In this opinion piece for Third Force News, Scottish Recovery Network’s Director, Louise Christie highlights your call for real and ambitious change in how we design, deliver and access mental health support and services.

People are calling for a whole system, cross sector approach. One that truly recognises and invests in the third sector and all the innovative work happening on the ground in communities. There is a strong call for the refreshed Mental Health Strategy to move away from the dominance of the medical model and over-burdened NHS clinical services. People told us they would like to see tailored support with better access to a range of help in the community. Reshaping the mental health system in this way would open up access, help to reduce waiting lists and result in better, more person-centred support.

Louise Christie, Director, Scottish Recovery Network

Real the full blog on the Third Force News website