Informing the future development of recovery approaches: SRN calls for research EOIs

26th August 2015

SRN are looking for experienced researchers to work collaboratively with us to design and deliver new research intended to inform our future support for the continued development of recovery focused policies and practices in Scottish mental health services and more widely.

A long term outcome in the SRN Strategic Plan 2012-16 is to ensure: More recovery focused policies and practice within and beyond the mental health service sector that are adhered to. Our strategic goal to develop policy and practice includes three associated work programmes:

  • Scottish Recovery Indicator Programme (SRI 2): Over 280 teams and services have now used the SRI 2 tool to completion to reflect on their policies and practices against ten recovery indicators and develop an action plan for recovery. There is therefore significant learning to be derived from this experience.
  • Professional Training and Learning Programme: Regular learning networks, training and awareness raising session delivered by SRN across Scotland and across disciplines.
  • Policy Programme: New work to link recovery more clearly with wider policy agendas e.g. the NHS Quality Strategy and Self Directed Support.

While we have some sense of where we see current strengths and areas for development in our mental health systems, we are keen to develop a more fully informed and evidenced approach to supporting the realisation of this long-term outcome.

We wish to work collaboratively with a researcher to develop our approach to how we learn more about future priorities to develop policy and practice. However, at this early stage our working research question is: What support or interventions would help Scottish mental health services become more recovery focused?

Our current aims with this new research are to:

  • Establish a clear rationale for, and new knowledge in relation to, the future development of recovery focused services.
  • Establish what currently works in relation to recovery approaches.
  • Provide greater clarity on the challenges and obstacles for recovery focused services.
  • Inform the development of any new or updated recovery tools or interventions.
  • Enable SRN and other partners to plan and prioritise.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to meaningful consultation that leads to action.
  • Make specific recommendations as to how SRN and others might best to respond to findings.

Full information about our call for EOIs can be found here. The deadline for submissions is 5pm, Friday 29th November 2013. If you wish to discuss this opportunity with us, email SRN Director Simon Bradstreet or call 0141 240 7790.