SRN Director talks to Holyrood magazine

2nd February 2012

Scottish Recovery Network Director Simon Bradstreet has been interviewed for an article for Holyrood magazine about the consultation on the Scottish Government’s new Mental Health strategy.

In the article Simon praises the Strategy’s commitment to recovery and references to the Scottish Recovery Indicator. However, he stresses that there could be more inclusion of areas such as self-management, peer support and others:

The health service is clearly very important, but it is but one part of the service structure and, then again, services are but one part of people’s recovery. It is equally important when you talk about recovery to talk about employment, to talk about social inclusion and we felt it shied away from those discussions a bit. It could have been more holistic, I think.

SRN will share its response to the Scottish Government’s consultation in the next edition of our eUpdate and postal newsletter (publication date 15th February). To receive a copy of the eUpdate please register here.


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