Honest Open Proud partnership announcement

19th September 2018

SRN is delighted to announce that we working with the Mental Health Foundation on an adaptation of the Honest Open Proud programme.

The mission of Honest Open Proud (HOP) is to reduce the stigma of mental illness and improve the lives of those affected by mental illness by teaching people safe ways to talk about their experiences.

Frank Reilly, SRN Director commented:

SRN are proud to be working with Chris White, Policy and Information Officer at the Mental Health Foundation on an adaptation of Honest Open and Proud. HOP is a well-tested programme that supports decision making about when or whether to discuss your experience of distress and ill health. SRN will be taking the learning from our Write to Recovery programme to adapt HOP to a similar group work format which will be targeted towards policy makers and professionals in the first instance.


For more information about contact Chris White on: cwhite@mentalhealth.org.uk