Guest blog: A Strong Sense of Connection

19th February 2020

Becky Poyner, a Champion / Young Champion Peer Mentor and Trainer at Moray Wellbeing Hub, gives a personal reflection on the recent Making Recovery Real showcase event in Edinburgh.

Last week the Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) launched the learning and resources from the Making Recovery Real Dundee and Moray initiatives.

Overall the event had a positive and optimistic feel to it. The laid back approach to the conversations and format of the event supported the open and welcoming atmosphere. It also provided a sense of mutuality and empowerment as a learning space for everyone. Louise, Acting Director, and others in the SRN team did a fantastic job at hosting and holding the space throughout the event.

Becky (Moray Wellbeing Hub), Louise (SRN) and Kirsteen (Moray Health & Social Care Partnership)

The feedback from the Making Recovery Real Dundee was interesting to listen to. There was similarities highlighted between the work in Dundee and in Moray. They have made wonderful progress in creating ‘a positive working relationship among partners’ to support putting ‘people with lived experience at the centre of how to support Dundee city.’ It was highlighted during their question session that majority of their work was around adult services so more work could be done around in a youth work capacity.

When discussing the impact of sharing peer experiences and the value of the recovery journey, a participant from Dundee shared a comment they had received as feedback.

These relationships matter. It’s not just a friendship. I can learn with them in a non-judgemental space.


From Moray, the film put together captured a snapshot summary of how Making Recovery Real has grown and what impact it is having in Moray as it does so.

There was a strong sense of connection from those in the room hearing the lived experiences of those on the film. The film conveyed the power of co-production and wonderfully captured different perspectives from partners involved in the project. Great job to those who took part. Kirsteen Pyett from the Scottish Association for Mental Health gave a great summary which complimented and echoed the film beautifully. She reflected on the value of conversation cafes and also highlighted the use of CHIME.

Changing the way we look at wellbeing
Lunch provided an opportunity for further connection and discussion around Making Recovery Real and the power of peer. I spoke to a handful of different people who took interest in the Moray Wellbeing Hub as a social movement/social enterprise and how we work within the community. From discussions today I feel it has highlighted that we are doing something different and starting a change in the way we look at mental wellbeing and recovery.

This event was a reminder to me the wonderful opportunity that I have been given having the roles I have within the Hub. Having only been involved with the Making Recovery Real for the last 6 months, I sometimes get lost in thinking about how much we still have to work on. However, this experience has given me a better insight into how/where Making Recovery Real in Moray began and to not take for granted the progress that has already been made.

Thank you for hosting this event. I hope to connect with you and the SRN team again in the future.



Participants from Making Recovery Real in Dundee