GU Positive Minds wins best new society!

20th March 2018

Congratulations to our friends at Glasgow University who recently won the best new society award from the Student Representative Council.

GU Positive Minds (links to Facebook) is a student society focused on providing easily accessible, inclusive, consistent, peer-led mental health support on campus.

Activity includes a buddy project which matches up students who want to be peer supporters with those who want peer support. The group is using SRN’s Peer2Peer to inform this initiative and runs fortnightly sessions to talk through themes from the resource.

SRN’s Network Officer (West), Robert Stevenson who has been working with the group commented:

We know many students experience mental health problems particularly at this time of year with the pressure around exams. Its really great to see a group of students being prepared to give up their time to help their peers maintain good mental health.


The society also runs a variety of workshops as well as sign-posting students to mental health and wellbeing opportunities and resources.


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