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Good golly it’s Dolly!

Guest speakers, workshops and a video message from the queen of country music herself- Dolly Parton! This year’s SCVO Gathering was an all out extravaganza!

We like to think we have a little bit in common with Dolly Parton! For starters we both have a thing about cups! Dolly with her Cup of Ambition and Scottish Recovery Network with our Wellbeing Teacups! Tools to get people talking about the future and making positive change happen.

Through her Imagination Library Dolly recognises the power of stories in children’s lives. The connections, creativity and learning that comes with stories. The hopes, dreams and new ideas that come from exploring different experiences of the world.

At Scottish Recovery Network we believe that stories aren’t just for kids! Supporting people to share stories and experiences can help local organisations and services identify what matters to people. They are a great way to make sure lived experience is at the heart of the development, design and delivery of support.

Conversations for Change

It is always great to be part of The SCVO Gathering. We love the opportunity to come together with people from across the third sector and beyond to share ideas and learning.

This year our Network Officers John and Hannah ran a participative workshop called Conversations for Change. The workshop explored how we can provide opportunities for people to use their lived experience to bring about real change in health and social care. How you create a space where people can talk to each other and share experiences in an effective, hopeful and empowering way.

People with lived experience have a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to offer. Unfortunately they often find it difficult to have their voices heard. Providing a different approach to engagement a Recovery Conversation Café moves away from traditional consultation. The approach creates a welcoming environment to connect and share your experiences. A space where people are not just passive responders. They are active participants, listening to each other and building on their stories and ideas.

Free toolkit!

At The Gathering John and Hannah introduced participants to the Recovery Conversation Café toolkit. The toolkit is in use online and in-person across Scotland by people interested in meaningful engagement to create positive change.

Something we will most definitely be taking forward to help shape our own services, offering a space for people’s voices to be heard.

Participant, Conversations for Change workshop

Download (everyone) or order (Scotland only) your free Recovery Conversation Café toolkit and/or get in touch to explore how we can support you to develop this approach.

A Snapshot: Conversations for Change