Glasgow University looking for research partners

30th November 2015

The University of Glasgow is looking for individuals and groups with professional expertise in maternal mental health to contribute to the development of a research project application on maternal depression.

Glasgow_Uni_logoThe aim of the research project will be to understand how new mothers experience peri and post-natal mental health difficulties with particular emphasis on social environment, interventions and recovery. It will draw on a range of methods including in-depth interviews with mothers, cross-sector service providers, online surveys and ethnography.

A case study approach will allow comparison of approaches, contexts and experiences of recovery between England (Bristol) and Scotland (Glasgow) in two different health sector areas. A geographical sensitivity will allow understanding of the role of context in recovery from perinatal mental health difficulties across a range of scales (from the household, to landscapes of service provision), and will situate processes of recovery in the wider social relations that affect wellbeing.

A recent Centre for Mental Health report suggests that ‘women with perinatal mental health problems (and those routinely in contact with them) need access to credible recovery stories’ (Kahn 2015).

As part of the project the research team would like to work with local relevant health and support services and community organisations in order to produce local learning resources from the data set and recovery-promoting toolkits for local use.

The project also aims to use women’s voices of experience to create story resources (expressed via written narratives and films) to help facilitate new public understanding of recovery from perinatal mental health difficulties. Other service-relevant outcomes can be built into the bid.


  • Autumn 2015 (scoping contacts and early development)
  • August 2016 (developing case proposal)
  • December 2016 (grant proposal submission to ESRC): funded project commencing Spring 2017.

For more information and to submit an early expression of interest contact


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