Free Write to Recovery taster in Glasgow: 13 December

4th December 2018

The Mental Health Network Greater Glasgow invites you to a Write to Recovery taster session at The Space.

This Write to Recovery taster session, hosted by the Mental Health Network Greater Glasgow (MHNGG), is for anyone who has ever experienced some sort of distress, emotional difficulty or mental health problems. Get together with others in a supportive environment which will enable you to engage with your creative energies to tell your story, in your way, to whom you want.

There will be no pressure to read out what you’ve written and no one will be watching over your shoulder as you write. This group is very much participant led and the level of sharing will depend completely on individual preference.

No writing experience is necessary. 

The taster is free and will be held on Thursday 13th December 2018 from 1pm until 3pm at The Space. For more information contact