Creative writing in support of wellbeing

22nd March 2019

Phoenix Scribblers in collaboration with artist Helen Moore have created a Zine outlining their approach to Creative writing in support of wellbeing. Holly Hendry, SRN Network Officer for the North of Scotland tells us more.

How it all started

Back in 2015 SRN supported Story Coach Michael Williams to help with the development of three local writing groups across the Moray area. In 2018 I visited the group established in Buckie to say hello and see how they were getting on.

Following a few conversations, the opportunity arose to collaborate with a local socially engaged artist Helen Moore. Helen supported the Phoenix Scribblers to share their experiences of the group in the hope to inspire others.


Helen spent seven sessions with the group and within these sessions she got to know the current members, supported new people to join, heard their stories, guided them all to take their writing further, and wrote and shared alongside everyone in the spirit of the peer-led group.

The group really valued the opportunity develop their writing and as one member described it, Helen had ‘pushed the groups writing up a notch’ encouraging them to be descriptive and really ‘pick their brains’ in regards to what they were writing about. More importantly though this was done through her ability to inspire and encourage, positively challenging the members to stretch their abilities. Helen’s love for nature and was echoed in her approach and as one group member said this ‘completely opened our minds up to that side of life’. Since Helen’s input members feel they are being much more descriptive in their writing and one is collecting a box of props to inspire different things to write about.

The role of creative writing in supporting wellbeing

This opportunity to collaborate with the both Helen and the Phoenix Scribblers has allowed us compile some thoughts, reflections and sharing around the role of creative writing in supporting our wellbeing in the form of a Zine. This reflective document draws on experiences and examples from Helen’s time spent with the group and outlines practicalities of the group structure and how it runs on a week to week basis.

Download the Phoenix Scribblers Zine

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