Contribute your recovery story to a new peer support book!

25th November 2020

Scottish Recovery Network caught up with Keith from A New Hope; a peer support group for men living with mental health challenges who are developing a new peer support book.

Ayrshire Mental health support group A New Hope offers a space where men can share their stories of mental health problems as well as what is helping their recovery and wellbeing. They have supported over 40 men face-to-face, have 700 followers on their Facebook group and a popular weekly podcast.

Through sharing experiences of their recovery journey and insights into managing wellbeing they hope to reach out to people who are feeling alone and inspire them to explore their own road to recovery.

Contribute your story to a new peer support book!

A New Hope is looking for people to contribute their stories to a new peer support book. Keith Lavelle, Founder of A New Hope said:

I have been thinking about starting a book project for a while at A New Hope.

The idea started as a resource for people who could not attend a group, be that for health reasons, that there are no groups in their area or there is no one to talk to, etc.

It is also a tool to help start an even bigger conversation around mental health, reducing stigma, isolation, letting people know it is ok to talk and so on.

We are hoping to make a big splash with this book, and help as many people as possible


For more information on how to get involved with this project email

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