Children and young people mental health report published

7th January 2014

The first systematic assessment of children and young people’s (C&YP) mental health in Scotland has been published by NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO).

The report ‘Scotland’s mental health: Children and young people 2013’ is based on a core set of 73 mental health indicators from the previously established national C&YP mental health indicator set. These cover both the state of mental health (mental wellbeing and mental health problems) and its context (including individual, family, learning environment, community and structural factors).

Where possible, the report provides an analysis of time trends over the last decade for mental health outcomes and the wider contextual factors. Equalities analyses by age, gender, area-based deprivation and urban-rural classification were undertaken for mental health outcomes and a description of contextual factors by age and gender is also reported.

Access the full report and accompanying files

A summarised briefing of this report will be made available electronically and in print early in 2014. If you would like a hard copy email with your postal address.

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