Changing Minds Season on BBC Radio Scotland

7th January 2014

BBC Radio Scotland’s Changing Minds Season features a range programmes looking at the subject of mental health, including the experiences of carers.

Starting on 7th January, Clare English hears the experiences of living with mental health problems from a loved one’s perspective in new 5-part series, The Ripple Effect.

The Changing Minds season also features:

Brainwaves: a 13-part science series from BBC Scotland’s Aberdeen base presented by Pennie Latin. Starts on 6th January.

In Pioneers of Madness Edi Stark explores 200 years of mental health care in Scotland, focusing on case studies and memories from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. The first of this 3-part series broadcasts on 8th January.

Feeling Kind of Funny looks at the women in comedy who address subjects such as anxiety, compulsive behaviour, addiction and depression through comedy, thereby helping to challenge stigma and increase understanding. In part one, on Thursday 9 January, Janey Godley, Felicity Ward, Keara Murphy, Debs Gatenby, Harriet Dyer and Julia Sutherland share stories, jokes and revelations about their experiences with various areas of mental health.

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